Can cryptozoospermia be cured? Cryptozoospermia is defined as an intermediate state between complete absence of sperm (azoospermia) and significantly reduced sperm count (oligospermia). Usually, cryptozoospermia is diagnosed when there are only a few or a dozen in the ejaculation.

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    Can cryptozoospermia be cured?

    The natural treatment that we offer to cure cryptozoospermia is composed of plants, barks and roots of plants. It is a natural, effective, and lasting remedy that will allow you to overcome your cryptozoospermia. These plants are recognized as the most effective in the world for curing disorders related to sperm production. They improve the quality and quantity of sperm. These herbs will also help your body adapt to stressful situations and also contribute to a healthy immune system.

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    Well, food, for example, in several ways can be an important factor that influences sexual performance.

    One of these influences is related to sperm count, as certain foods can increase the daily production of male reproductive cells. Therefore, we present a list with the 15 foods that will increase your sperm count. Check it out:

    1. Dark chocolate

    Dark chocolate contains the amino acid L-Arginine HCL, which represents extra strength for sperm. It should be remembered that this food is also scientifically proven as an aphrodisiac for women and can increase the intensity of orgasm.

    2. Spinach

    It’s not just Popeye who gains strength with spinach. Folic acid, present in this vegetable, is responsible for making your sperm faster, stronger and in greater numbers.

    3. Banana

    Vitamins A, B1, and C, found in bananas, are highly recommended for increasing sperm potency, health, and productivity. Additionally, the enzyme bromelain is responsible for dramatically increasing sperm count. Now it’s possible to find out why minions exist in droves…

    4. Carrot

    Like bananas, carrots also contain vitamin A, but in much higher amounts. Then you remember that you learned that rabbits breed a lot and also like to eat carrots, and suddenly everything makes sense.

    5. Red foods

    Flatlay with red vegetables arranged on metallic tray on gray background.

    The tomato, a miracle food to prevent cancer? | Featured bio

    As a 2014 study found, foods containing lycopene, the element responsible for the color red, can contribute to a 70% increase in sperm count. Some examples of items that have this substance are tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit, peppers, papaya, among others.

    6. Oyster

    Besides good aphrodisiac items, oysters are also very important for sperm production. They contain a huge amount of zinc, an element that helps to increase the production and, therefore, the number of sperm.

    7. Nuts and other nuts

    Can cryptozoospermia be cured?

    According to a 2012 study, about 75 grams of nuts per day is enough to significantly increase vitality levels and other sperm-related issues. This is due to the large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids present in this type of food. Almonds and peanuts also contain these substances. Brazil nuts, original and very popular in Brazil, in addition to the benefits of sperm, contain selenium, which can further increase the production of reproductive cells.

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    8. Mushrooms

    Mushrooms, in their most varied types, contain vitamin D. This substance is responsible for improving sex life in all ways, from producing sperm to fighting impotence. Among other things, it helps to improve blood circulation in the penis.

    9. Fish

    Due to the presence of omega 3, this food can provide many health benefits including quality and increased sperm count. This fact was confirmed by a study published in the journal Human Reproduction, which analyzed the quality of the sperm of men who did or did not consume this type of fatty acid.

    10. Red meat

    Can cryptozoospermia be cured?

    Also scientifically proven, red meat can significantly increase sperm count and motility. This is due to the massive presence of the nutrient L-cartinine. The most noticeable difference occurs in men who have low levels of sperm production.

    11. onion

    One of the most important natural remedies for cryptozoospermia is onion. Shallots are a potent aphrodisiac food that can improve reproductive organ function. To lower the risk of infertility, patients with cryptozoospermia are encouraged to incorporate onions in their regular diet.

    12. Garlic

    Garlic is a natural medication that is used to cure cryptozoospermia. It is an aphrodisiac that is used to repair and treat oligospermia. Consume 4 to 5 garlic cloves every day.

    Garlic is a natural medication that is used to cure cryptozoospermia. It i.

    13. okra

    Fresh young okra isolated on white background

    Okra is a natural medicine that is widely used to treat cryptozoospermia. For therapeutic purposes, okra root extract is widely accessible on the market. When blended with a cup of milk, this root extract powder can help enhance fertility.

    14. Asparagus roots

    Asparagus roots have high levels of zinc and iron, making them one of the most effective treatments for severe oligospermia. Spermatogenic supplemented with asparagus root extract aids in the treatment of impotence. For best results, patients with cryptozoospermia are often advised to eat asparagus root extract twice a day.

    15. Blackcurrant

    Can cryptozoospermia be cured?

    Black currants are also used as a herbal medicine to cure. It is recommended to cook black grapes with milk after washing with boiling water. After eating these raisins, patients should consume a cup of warm milk.

    Can cryptrozoospermia be cured? Natural ways for increasing sperm quality

    • Natural approaches for increasing First and foremost, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes getting plenty of rest, increasing physical exercise, and avoiding stress.
    • Second, the detrimental impacts of environmental factors and risky habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee, and using other stimulants must be eliminated or reduced.
    • Third, a healthy diet high in vegetables, such as beans, fruits, nuts, pumpkin seeds, liver, and green tea. Doctors also recommend eating foods high in zinc, selenium, carnitine, and vitamins C and E to boost sperm motility. (An overabundance of hazardous fats, such as those found in crisps, bought cakes, or fast food, reduces the quality of sperm.)
    • Fourth, fight obesity by losing weight and improving general health.
    • Fifth, the testicles should not be warmed, so avoid hot baths, saunas, and hot tubs. Wear breathable underwear, and if we have a sedentary work, get up and stroll about every now and then (preferably in the fresh air).

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    How to naturally cure cryptozoospermia?

    Infertility has recently become a global issue. In a family when no kid is born despite all attempts, the cause is a violation of fertility in one of the partners. In most cases, male infertility is discussed, but this is not always the case.

    According to data, one in every five males with infertility has cryptozoospermia, a condition characterized by an exceptionally low amount of germ cells in a man’s ejaculate. This condition, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options will be covered further down the road.

    Causes of Cryptozoospermia

    As with other male reproductive system illnesses, the following factors contribute to the presence and progression of cryptozoospermia:

    According to data, one in every five males with infertility has cryptozoospermia, a condition characterized by an exceptionally low amount of germ cells in a man’s ejaculate. This condition, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options will be covered further down the road.

    According to data, one in every five males with infertility has cryptozoospermia, a condition characterized by an exceptionally low amount of germ cells in a man’s ejaculate. This condition, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options will be covered further down the road.

    Inguinal and scrotal injuries, as well as genital infections

    hormonal imbalances

    Mumps was transmitted from a young age;

    illnesses affecting the genital appendages

    Bad habits (drinking, smoking) and external influences (destructive production) have long-term affect.

    The effects of radioactivity on the body

    anomalies in genetics;

    Don’t worry if you’re a man with cryptozoospermia. We provide you with herbal therapy to help you battle your cryptozoospermia.

    Natural medicine
    The secret to healing it naturally and without side effects is our natural remedy.

    Natural herbal teas are the natural remedy that we offer to cure cryptozoospermia. It is a safe, natural, and long-lasting treatment that will help you conquer your cryptozoospermia. These herbs are often regarded as the most effective in the world for treating sperm production issues. They contribute to increased sperm quality and quantity. These herbs will also assist your body in adapting to stressful situations and will promote a healthy immune system.

    Cryptozoospermia symptoms

    Cryptozoospermia, in general, has no distinguishing signs. After all techniques of determining a woman’s fertility have been exhausted, men may begin to suspect that they are having problems.

    As a result, if infertility is suspected, both partners, not only the fair sex, should seek medical attention.

    An erection and the capacity to engage in normal sexual intercourse are not affected by cryptozoospermia; there are no external indications, and there is no discomfort or other unpleasant manifestations such as itching. or burns to the penile region

    Because no apparent signs are noticed, a diagnosis can only be made by specific analysis.

    Cryptozoospermia diagnosis

    Laboratory procedures, particularly the delivery of spermograms, are utilized to diagnose cryptozoospermia. A spermogram is administered 2-3 times to confirm the diagnosis, and the following parameters must be met:

    Abstinence from sexual intercourse for 3-4 days before the test is advised.

    Abstinence from alcohol, smoking, and medication throughout the same time period;

    Avoid attending saunas, baths, and other thermal procedures during the same time period, as well as long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

    A biopsy of the epididymis is advised in cases where the vas deferens is partially or entirely inaccessible.

    Cryptozoospermia can be accompanied by other reproductive system problems, all of which require expert treatment.

    Can cryptozoospermia be cured? Cryptozoospermia medical treatment

    If a guy is diagnosed with cryptozoospermia, the chances of pregnancy are nearly none. Treatment with cryptozoospermia is required for a man to conceive naturally; nevertheless, its effectiveness is dependent on a variety of elements and conditions.

    Sometimes there is just one option: IVF (in vitro fertilization) (in vitro fertilization). It should be noted that if the patient does not have healthy and mobile sperm, the donor’s germ cells can be used for artificial insemination.

    The odds of successful therapy are relatively good if cryptozoospermia is discovered at an early stage. As previously said, cryptozoospermia is associated with various disorders, and thus the methods of treatment and therapy will be selected with this in mind. If it is discovered that the etiology of cryptozoospermia is an infectious disease, antibiotics or other medications are provided to help cope with the infectious disease’s causative agent.

    Surgery is advised when varicocele is the cause of the development of cryptozoospermia.

    The rejection of bad habits, the preservation of a healthy lifestyle, and the correction of the diet, aimed at lowering or totally eliminating the items that contribute to the growth of cholesterol, all have a significant impact on the success of treatment.

    Following therapy, the patient’s spermograms are resumed, and the essential indicators are examined. If the findings of the investigation lead to the conclusion that treatment has failed, experts advise employing artificial insemination procedures. However, no one promises conception the first time. According to data, just one-third of couples who indicated a wish to create a child by artificial means were able to do it right away.