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“Like it or not, sex is an extremely important aspect of a romantic relationship. Unfortunately…..”

Whether you like it or not, sex is a very important aspect of a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, some people have a small penis and suffer from it. In addition, others have a normal size penis but want to expand it. Whether you’re in one of these cases, you’re certainly wondering how to lengthen and enlarge your penis.

natural ways to increase penis size

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5 natural ways to increase penis size

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natural ways to increase penis size
natural ways to increase penis size

Since antiquity, in all societies, current and ancient, the dimensions of the penis has continually had a primordial vicinity within side the shallowness of men.

The larger the penis, the greater their satisfaction is, too. Being well “hung” has continually been a supply of satisfaction for men. The herbal merchandise we provide are reliable, however they want to use for a while.

Your penis prevents you from experiencing sexual fulfillment, and after having sex you have a feeling of frustration or incomplete. You are probably wondering how to lengthen your penis and make it bigger. You will agree with us, solutions to enlarge the penis, there are hundreds of them on the net. However, have you wondered how to make it big naturally?

If you are looking for the most effective, fastest, longest, most natural, and least dangerous herbal treatment for dick growth, this natural treatment is for you. Here we offer you the best natural remedy for penis enlargement with plants. It allows us to quickly increase the size of the penis, in length as in thickness. The results will be visible from the first weeks of use. 

Here is one of the most effective natural ways to increase penis size without side effects.



– Acridocarpus smeathmani  ( Gbanguinado  in Fon)

– Aframonum melegueta  ( Atakouinkouin  in Fon)

How to use

With these ingredients, the person who wants to enlarge his penis will have to chew Acridocarpus smeathmani root like a toothpick every day by adding some seeds of Aframonum melegueta

After chewing the root, you swallow the saliva that comes to your mouth. 

Excessive use of this recipe can cause your penis to grow too big. You must stop as soon as you reach the desired goal.

How to increase penis size with aloe vera

natural ways to increase penis size

Aloe Vera  comes from a plant that needs no introduction, as its medicinal and therapeutic virtues are recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Among the long list of treatments it provides, its aphrodisiac properties figure prominently, along with penile enlargement.

Many say that it is not the size that matters, but rather the talent and the mind. But if you ask these same people aside if they would like to increase the size of their penis, the overwhelming majority would answer in the affirmative. Whether we like it or not, our unconscious is conditioned, even obsessed by the size of our reproductive system. 

In the worst case, an extended penis gives you back your self-confidence and helps you to be more enterprising. And that’s where Aloe Vera comes in. As the latter is known to improve circulation, better blood flow to the private parts during the excitation phase makes it possible to more effectively fill the cavernous body of the penis. 

This leads to a harder, but above all more voluminous erection. This is the so-called tumescence stage.

Aloe Vera is also recommended as a supplement for men who use other means to enlarge penis size, such as penis pumps. Feedback from thousands of users suggests that the incorporation of this surprising plant optimizes the effectiveness of other enlargement methods and accelerates the achievement of more than satisfactory results.

Here is one of the most effective natural ways to increase penis size without side effects.

Does Eating Tomato Help Increase Penis Size?

The question was asked by a man on a forum; after all, does it work?

There are many theories that certain foods, when eaten with some regularity, help to increase penis size – and that includes one fruit that appears with some frequency: the tomato. Recently, a man asked on a forum called Quora if the item in question worked as a “home remedy” for member growth. 

A man asked on a forum: does eating tomatoes help increase penis size? Know the answer

But after all, does eating  tomatoes  help achieve this goal? According to, there is no research to support that spending your days eating junk food will change your penis size. On the other hand, there is no need to be sad. After all, food has other health benefits. 

It is important to note that red vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, watermelon and strawberries contain lycopene, an antioxidant that can have positive effects on the body, including the health of the male organ. This explains a study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. 

According to the survey,  men  who eat tomatoes or eat meals containing the foods 10 times a week are 18% less likely to develop prostate cancer, due to lycopene which inhibits toxins that can damage cells. Additionally, consuming the fruit can be helpful for people suffering from infertility. 

Another study points out that eating tomatoes in large quantities can help improve sperm. It has also been found that the food can help improve blood circulation and hence give the male audience stronger erections. “Lycopene is one of the most powerful antioxidants,” urologist Paul Turek  told

Considering the facts, we can conclude:  tomato is great for several things, but it does not work for penis growth. It should also be mentioned that it is essential not to look for homemade measures to increase the member. If in doubt, consult a doctor who can give you the correct information. 

Here is one of the most effective natural ways to increase penis size without side effects.

How to use fenugreek seeds for penis enlargement

You must associate the consumption of fenugreek with the practice of a sport, in particular bodybuilding or another type of sport, which allows the increase of testosterone in men. 

Also, using fenugreek oil for penis massage is a good way to increase penis size. 

Proceed to massage your penis morning and evening with fenugreek oil. 

If you don’t have the oil, you can grind the fenugreek seeds, if they are not already powdered, and mix them with organic olive oil. 

Mix well and let sit for a whole day, stirring occasionally. 

Then apply to the penis and make sure to massage well to penetrate the active effects.